NBT Soccer Launches Competitive Programs Spring 2023

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NBT Soccer is launching competitive travel programs starting spring 2023.

The heart and soul of our club is our focus on each individual player and our desire to spread our passion for youth soccer throughout our state. Our recreation program is the foundation of our club, but children that wish to play in a more competitive environment are given the opportunity in our age-appropriate competitive programs.

Our competitive pathway will provide an environment for players to compete and focus on individual and team development with a long-term vision towards becoming an elite player. Our competitive programs are structured into three programs to focus on different phases of player development:

Center of Excellence U8 – U10: Discover Phase

Center of Excellence is the next step for youth recreational players who are looking for higher level training and competition. Our goal is to provide a positive introduction to the game with a focus on individual development.

Junior Academy U11 – U12: Fundamental Phase

Junior Academy is designed for youth players who have a strong desire to increase their technical skills while also learning a little more about the tactical aspects of the game. We want to continue to build on strengths, learn, and grow together on and off the soccer field. The players start engaging in more complex conflict and resolution while collaborating within a team.

Travel Select U13 – U19: Construction and Performance Phase

Travel Select teams are reserved for the most committed and talented players. We build pathways for athletes approaching young adulthood to successfully transition to higher levels and college opportunities.

To offer these competitive programs, we joined US Club Soccer, a national organization and member of the United States Soccer Federation that works to develop and support soccer clubs. US Club Soccer sanctions hundreds of competitive leagues and tournaments in which our teams will compete in. 

We are hosting player evaluations in November, December, and January ahead of the spring 2023 season. Registration is available and you can learn more about our competitive programs here: nbtsoccer.com/competitive. Please contact mmozynski@nbtsoccer.com for more information about our programs.

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