Become a Sponsor

Next Big Thing Soccer Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit association. Its purpose is to provide our community an organized format in which to educate, promote and develop the game of soccer as well as encourage sportsmanship for the youth. The excellent quality of our soccer program is made possible through the generous contributions and donations of community leaders like you.

We have various ways to participate which allows special recognition of your support to NBT Soccer. If you, or a fellow business owner, are interested in participating in support of our program, contact Matt at

Funds raised through sponsorships and donations will be allocated to our Wish List:

1. Facility – acquire a designated facility to better serve our community

2. Scholarship – fund our scholarship program to offer more opportunities to all

3. Equipment – acquire more big ticket items such as goals, catch nets, Veo cameras, etc.

Soccer brings us all together! Our community is the foundation of our club and we’re grateful for all the support from local businesses and other organizations!


One of the keys to success of any youth organization is through the help and support of our families and the local community. We encourage you to participate by donating, sponsoring or volunteering. These donations help fund our scholarship program and new outreach programs. Please consider donating or getting involved with volunteer opportunities, so  that we can continue to offer a quality youth soccer program in our community.