College Recruitment Services

We help with all aspects of the college recruiting process and digital media needs:

Initial Consultation

This will get you on track for your recruitment goals! Schedule a 30-60 minute meeting with your personalized recruitment coach. Your recruitment coach will go over important NCAA compliance rules, goal setting, Q&A, and a customized plan for each athlete.

Highlight Tape Editing

A highlight video is necessary for any serious athlete in the modern game. We offer convenience, competitive pricing, quick turnaround, and superior quality. $300 – $550 depending on video.

Game Day Recordings

If you don’t have access to video game footage, we have you covered! A videographer will attend your live matches to capture your best moments. Must be within a 50 mile radius of Raleigh-Durham. Starting at $50 per game

Skill & Training Videos

A video filmed by a representative while the athlete performs different training exercises to showcase technique not seen in live matches. Great for goalkeepers! $250 – $450 depending on video

Sports Photo Edits

Our favorite part: your commitment announcement! Our graphic design team will customize an awesome edit to celebrate your commitment announcement. $25 per edit